Marsh and McLennan insurance company

Marsh and McLennan are one of the popular insurance companies in the country. They offer a series of insurance policy services to serve their customer better.

The company renders great programs that give you insurance protection coverage that would cover any volume of damagedepending on the insurance policy you buy. Customers of this great insurance enjoy the following benefits.

  • Standard client profile to help choose good insurance- every customer gets a detailed client profile containing valuable information of all the assets they have, giving marsh the ability to choose a good insurance plan for you depending on the number of assets you have and your financial budget.
  • Fast response to claims- marsh makes sure that all your claims are met on time, provided you are not taking advantage of a mere situation and there are damages incurred on any of your assets.
  • Financial and professional liability insurance- marsh has a product that protects your company name and your employees.
  • Worldwide rental car coverage available to all customers
  • Cover all stolen items in your insured car
  • Gives you a quality choice repair shop to reform your damaged car


  • Fast response to claims
  • Great customer service
  • 5-star ratings on review
  • Gives you access to varieties of insurance policies to choose from


  • they do not offer ultra-high insurance limits.



Chubb Auto Insurance Company

Chubb insurance company was created in 1882 and has since maintained its name. They offer a wide range of quality insurance services for their many customers. Many businesses and individuals have given them the benefit of doubt to provide great coverage for their assets, and they have not failed to do so.

As a result of their successful history, their never-ending line of customers, and a huge financial capability, they have remained among the top insurance companies in the world.

Their five-starreviews have rated them an A+ insurance company, convincing others yet to insure their assets that they are a good pick.

Chubb insurance company offer the following :

  • Worldwide rental car coverage
    Chubb auto insurance policy covers potential damages incurred on a rented car. This is an outstanding feature in this company because it limits most auto insurance companies in this area.
  • It returns your car to its former state
    If your car gets damaged because of an accident and needs extra parts, the Chubb insurance policy offers coverage on that. They pay for the parts straight from your car’s manufacturer. This is not the case in other insurance companies who go for basic aftermarket parts.
  • Gives you the value of your car
    If you insure your car under Chubb and it gets damaged or stolen to the point of no return. Based on the value of your car, Chubb gives you a check to get a new one.
  • Lease gap coverage
    If you rent a car, and it gets stolen along the way, they cover any outstanding payment to the leasing company
  • provide insurance coverage for damages
    Not minding the number of damages on your car, Chubb offers great coverage from natural disasters, theft, fire outbreak, etc
  • offers coverage to third parties
    Apart from offering coverage to you and your assets, Chubb also pays for all damages on a third party if there has been an accident.

Offers great coverage to their customers

  • Cash settlements are available for insurance policy ownersTop-notchcustomer service
  • 5-star customer review after claims
  • Offers coverage extensions


  • does not offer cheap insuranceChubb is not accredited by BBB