American Cars vs Japanese Cars. Which Ones To Buy To Get A Better Insurance Rate

american vs japanese car insurance

When buying car insurance, you don’t have to rush into making a decision. It usually starts with looking at dozens of makes and models which to be honest is overwhelming. The type of car you drive greatly affects the premium you will pay. If you want to get car insurance online and you want to choose between American and Japanese cars, there are numerous things to consider before deciding what to buy.

Although car insurance is a necessity for all drivers, it doesn’t make it any less cheap. It is a costly investment and most drivers search for cheap car insurance online to reduce the costs they spend on insurance.

As much as different factors affect your car insurance rate like age, driving record, credit history and more, the car you drive shouldn’t be ignored for it is an important factor.

It may be unclear what car has better insurance between American and Japanese cars but what you should consider is the different things which make each of them better to insure and they are;


You have to look at which of the two cars is considered safe. Japanese cars are said to be safer than American ones because they develop technologies that raise the standards of automobile safety.

A study conducted by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed more Japanese cars than American ones. However, American cars have caught up too since a number of their vehicles were also picked like the Ford Escape and more that are believed to be just as safe.

Therefore having looked at the safety factor, choosing a vehicle among the two that is safe is extremely important. This is because safe cars are less prone to accidents since accidents cause high insurance rates. If you want better insurance, choose a safer car.


A car’s reliability is a very important factor to look at. This is because it shows whether a car is prone to failure or not and if you can trust that its parts will last as long as they are specified to last like the body, power train and others.

Although Japanese cars were considered more reliable, it was revealed that both cars are considered to be reliable and dependable and when looking at that, its specific features and parts are considered. Therefore when choosing which car to buy, consider which one is more reliable. This will protect you from future catastrophes due to a car’s model. This careful planning also helps you get better insurance.

Size of the Car

The size of your car is also important to be considered, whether it’s big or small, old or new should be looked at. Older cars are more likely to be stolen because they don’t have alarms. Before making a decision, look at the size of the car you want and see where it falls, either Japanese or American.

Before choosing any of them, consider the size of the car and all the consequences that come with it. Older cars are also common with young drivers and there are more prone to thefts and accidents due to reckless driving hence high insurance rates.

Big flashy cars are also susceptible to theft and sometimes they have higher insurance rates. However, some old vehicles also have a high insurance premium. Therefore you can’t be sure until you look at all this before making a decision.


Before choosing which car to buy, its price should be considered. The price of a car is not important when it comes to car insurance because some expensive cars may have low insurance rates while some cheap cars have higher insurance rates but the things that result from it should be kept in mind. It doesn’t matter if you buy a Japanese or American car, expensive cars tend to attract thieves and are more susceptible to accidents. This, therefore, leads to more claims hence a rise in insurance rates.

Japanese cars may oftentimes bring about high insurance rates because of the high cost of repairs that are incurred due to foreign vehicles. American cars however don’t encounter such difficulties because their parts are available and can be gotten anywhere.


Before making a decision on which car to buy from the Japanese and American cars, you should consider the overall quality of a vehicle. Quality often means strength and longevity. While Japanese cars tend to last for a longer period of time, American cars are muscle vehicles because of their engine that is considered to be powerful.

American vehicles despite their strength consume plenty of petrol due to their engines while Japanese cars don’t require that many repairs due to their quality.

Cars that don’t have quality tend to encounter lots of accidents and car repairs. This is because cars can’t last long leading to more claims and high insurance rates. You should consider the quality of the specific model of the car you are buying. Whichever it is, either a Japanese or American, look at its overall quality and whether it can stand the test of time.


With this age of competition and comparison, everyone wants to have the next big thing and what is pleasing to look at.

Most people are after cars with style and those that are pleasing and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But, when looking at the style and design of the specific vehicle you are buying, you have to know that big flashy beautiful cars though they are great buys, are susceptible to thieves hence an increase in the number of claims filed leading to high insurance rates.


Therefore if you want better car insurance quotes online, you have to know what type of car will best suit your needs. Is it a Japanese or an American car? That is something you have to decide if you want to buy car insurance online. The type of car you choose depending on the above factors will determine the amount you pay in insurance. It is good to choose wisely and make the best choice that will not only please you at the moment but in the long run as well.


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5 Least Expensive US States for Car Insurance and Why They Are the Least Expensive

5 Least Expensive US States for Car Insurance

Whether you have just bought a car, or you have one already. You have to pay attention to your car insurance. Car insurance is the most important investment you will make when it comes to your car. This is because it protects you from potential losses.

You may think that you don’t need it because it’s costly, however, it’s required by law and you can’t evade it. The price of car insurance is a huge factor that determines whether someone will buy car insurance online or not.

Some people don’t pay car insurance because of its high costs in that state. You should keep in mind that however much there are states with high car insurance premiums, there are others that have cheap car insurance.

There are a lot of things that determine the cost of car insurance online including your driving history, age, or the type of car you drive. But the extremely important one is the state that you live in.

The five least expensive US states for car insurance include;

RankStateAverage Rates
2New Hampshire$985



Maine has been one of the states with cheap car insurance online for years now. Because it is a rural state, it has fewer vehicles, and the likelihood of accidents and thefts is less hence reducing the need to get car insurance.

Another reason why car insurance is cheap in Maine compared to other states is because of the low rate of uninsured drivers and motorists. This is because it has a low population density. IRC reported that Maine has the lowest uninsured driver rate in the US at a percentage of 4.5% of the whole of its driving population.

As stated by Judi Watters, a consumer outreach specialist at the Maine Bureau of Insurance, Maine’s insurance rates have remained low mainly because of its low rates of losses. Its competitive market has also contributed to its low insurance premiums.

New Hampshire

With an average insurance rate at $985, it’s the second least expensive state in the US. This state doesn’t require its residents to have car insurance. Drivers are however required to pay for any costs incurred due to injuries or property destroyed during an accident.

Therefore, as a resident of New Hampshire, you are not required to buy car insurance, but you have to show funds indicating that you are financially responsible. It is then better to have car insurance already in place. Hence in times of accidents, if you have no insurance, you have to prove that you have enough funds to cover any losses incurred.


With an average rate of $1,034, Ohio has been one of the cheapest states for car insurance for years now. It is the third least expensive state in the US. This is because of the highly competitive rate of insurers. You can choose from a variety of car insurance policies and companies.

The state of Ohio doesn’t experience disasters as often as other states. It isn’t a rural state like Maine and New Hampshire, but it has one of the cheapest auto insurance rates because of its competitive insurance marketplace making it easy to shop around and find appropriate insurance rates.

The Ohio Department of Insurance protects its customers by providing stability in its marketplace hence the number of providers influences the cost.


Despite being America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin should also be famous for its low insurance rates. With an average of $1,049, it is the fourth-least expensive state in the US.

Wisconsin is a rural state with a moderate number in population density since it ranked 25th in the country hence its car insurance marketplace is quite competitive. This means that its overall auto-insurance rates are low.


With its car insurance average rate at $1,062, it is the fifth least expensive state in the US. As a predominantly rural state, with a competitive car insurance marketplace, Idaho has low insurance rates because most drivers are insured and only 8% of them are uninsured hence making it more affordable.

Idaho doesn’t have that many natural disasters when it comes to its weather like other states hence its low insurance due to the reduction in claims.

Why Is the Car Insurance Cheap in These States?

There is no one specific reason that car insurances vary from state to state, there are different factors that determine why a particular state has low insurance rates compared to other states that have high premiums. You should therefore put this into consideration when looking for car insurance quotes online and the different reasons include;

  • Your State’s Car Insurance Laws.
  • The level of traffic. The above states have considerably low insurance rates because there is no traffic congestion.
  • States with milder weather have low insurance rates while those that experience constant floods and hurricanes have high insurance costs. The above states don’t have such issues.
  • Your state’s economic situation. Some states have high rates of unemployment and poverty that leads to high insurance rates.
  • The number of uninsured and under-insured drivers. If the state you live in has low rates of uninsured drivers, the insurance rates also tend to reduce.
  • It also depends on the levels of competition. In states that have healthy competition between carriers, the car insurance rates tend to reduce significantly like Ohio.

Key Takeaways

  • Car insurances vary from state to state.
  • Remember that your car insurance may drop significantly when you decide to move.

All in all, it is extremely important to assess your state’s car insurance rates before you buy car insurance online. Some have low insurance rates while others have high insurance rates and this is because of several reasons as seen above.

Car Insurance Advisor content is not written by a licensed  insurance agent. It’s intended for informational purposes and should not be considered legal or financial advice. Consult a professional to learn what financial products are right for your situation

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Different companies are better for different needs and situations.  If you are a light driver or if you belong to a different member benefit group some carriers are more advantages than others.

Your ZIP code, age and many other factors can make a difference on which insurance companies have better rates and coverage.

We will review the different auto insurance companies, including their coverages, policies, discounts and much more.

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