The 7 key tips to help you get the best auto insurance for less:


1) Get Multiple Insurance Quotes & Save

One of the best ways to save your money and find cheap car insurance online is by requesting various quotes from multiple insurance companies. Car Insurance Advisors has many partners which can help find you cheap auto insurance quotes.

2) The Car You Drive Matters

The type of car you drive impacts the premium you pay. The model and year would impact your final coverage price. For instance, if you are planning to buy insurance online for a brand-new BMW or Ferrari, it would be much more expensive than insuring a Honda Civic.

3) Find The Right Deductible

To get car insurance online, consider increasing your deductibles. Most major insurance companies will offer a lower monthly premium with higher deductibles. Though they would cost more in case of an accident they could save you money in the long term if you are an accident free driver.

4) Grouping Your Insurance Policies

Consider bundling your auto and home insurance policies to lower your premiums. Most major insurance companies offer a discount for bundling your policy, some offer up to a 25% discount. If you have other insurance policies more discounts might be available.

5) Keep Your Credit Score Secure

Maintaining a high credit score could, in some states and instances,lower your auto insurance costs. In one study, applicants with excellent credit score saved up to 54% on auto insurance compared to those with lower credit scores.

6) Always Claim Available Discounts

Make sure you claim all available discounts to help lower your car insurance. Many discounts are available through professional associations, member and employee benefit, union memberships, etc. Some online car insurance companies offer a discount for safe drivers using an electronic device. If you own more than one car, make sure you ask about multi-vehicle discount. There are many discounts available, be sure to inquire about them to help you find cheap car insurance online.

7) Avoid Coverage Overages

Not all coverages are created equally. To save and find inexpensive car insurance online, make sure you are selecting the coverage you need. First and foremost, you should find out what is your state’s minimum legal requirement and then compare additional coverages. Do you drive an older car? Maybe you do need full coverage as the replacement cost of your vehicle might be very low. Are you a light driver? Ask the insurance company if they have lower monthly costs for low mileage drivers. Shopping and comparing coverages could save you hundreds of dollars on your car insurance policy.

Cheapest Car Insurance based on Average Annual Rates

$ 1,052

$ 1,067

$ 1,099

$ 1,201

$ 1,241

$ 1,512


More average annual rates for big car insurance companies

The table below shows average rates for additional driver types.

Company Good drivers Good drivers with poor credit Drivers with a recent at-fault accident Minimum coverage
$1,337 $2,978 $1,637 $594
$1,627 $2,635 $2,834 $614
$1,828 $3,355 $3,361 $773
$1,855 $3,378 $2,668 $850
$1,964 $3,368 $3,006 $872
$2,752 $5,411 $3,592 $1,146
$1,896 $1,741 $1,247 $319

USAA is only available to military, veterans and their families.

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How can you save money on online car insurance?

A lot of people continue to pay high car insurance rates and do not look for ways to decrease their rates.Using a site such as Car Insurance Advisors could easily help lower your rates by requesting and comparing different insurance rates from different providers. Researching ways to save on your insurance and using online tools could save you thousands of dollars.

Comparing different rates from auto insurance companies could save you money and could also provide more coverage if discounts are available. Utilizing online tools would allow you to get multiple rates from some of the top insurance carriers. Carriers such as State Farm, USAA, Nationwide, American Family, and Geico. Different companies have different ways to calculate your rate and they differ in the discounts available, therefore it is advised you compare rates to see if you can find lower insurance rates.

A great way to save on your insurance premium is to combine your insurance policies. If you already have home insurance policy take advantage of bundle discounts offered by most insurance companies. Make sure you insure all your cars with the same company to qualify for the multi-vehicle discount.

The most basic way to get cheap auto insurance is to keep a clean driving record. An accident and ticket free driving record could have you up to 25%. Having good driving habits such as wearing a seatbelt, respecting the speed limit, being accident-free and not drinking and driving will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

One easy way to decrease your monthly auto insurance rates is to increase your policy deductible. However, you need to take into consideration if you are involved in an accident, you might be responsible to pay the deductible amount. If you are historically a safe driver, increasing your deductible will help save you money on your auto insurance policy.

Claiming all possible discounts can help decrease your monthly cost of your auto insurance rates. Insurance companies such as Travelers Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Allstate Insurance, and Progressive Insurance and many others offer different discounts. Discounts such as multi-policy, member & employee, military, etc.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

Comparing quotes online is an easy way to lower your insurance premiums and help you save money. The tools on this website will allow you to compare rates from different insurance providers to find the best car insurance quotes online. Getting multiple quotes will save you from visiting every individual company’s website such as Travelers, GEICO, Allstate, or Nationwide. Getting quotes from multiple providers allows you to find the most competitive rates and to ensure you are getting the best rates with your current provider.

We recommend checking your rates yearly. With many options being at your fingertips, you can compare rates and purchase new policies online, which can save you time and hundreds of dollars annually.

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